Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Homemade Wedding Homestead-Style: PHOTO BOOTH!

What you have been waiting so patiently for.

Cowboy H and I snuck into our reception without the big announcement or entrance and that was just the way we wanted it. I went straight for the appetizer table and Cowboy H went straight to the Desert Rose's table! After mingling around, listening to the band and soaking it all in, we visited our own photo booth. We weren't the first.

All photos unless otherwise noted were taken by my cousin Sarah, using my Canon DSLR.


I think some of you know them!







It was hilarious to see everyone wearing bandanas, hats and even the chaps! Of course, some of them weren't quite sure how to put them on...

Cowboy H and I showed them how it was done.


Jesslyn + Jeff-313
Photo by Applemoon Photography

Jesslyn + Jeff-315
Photo by Applemoon Photography

Jesslyn + Jeff-314
Photo by Applemoon Photography

And that last one is definitely going on the wall someday.

You may notice that Cowboy H has a ribbon tied around his ring finger. If you haven't been following since the beginning, you don't know that Cowboy H broke his wedding band the week before the wedding, then I lost the loaner ring the jewelry store had given us the day before the wedding. So, except for the time during the ceremony when we borrowed a friend's ring, Cowboy H didn't have a wedding band to wear! The Desert Rose decided that just wouldn't do on his wedding day and tied a ribbon on his finger. Twenty years from now, when I look at those photos, I will remember that the ring is just a symbol, and you can get married without one! Thanks, DR!

Up Next: The Feast!


  1. This Photo Booth is a wonderful idea! Absolutely cool! I have some ideas to incorporate it into say an outside birthday party.... What fun!

    Your attire is just beautiful!

  2. Love your blog, Jesslyn, um, Mama H!! Your words about the ring totally ring true; in fact, the ribbon looks better than a regular ring would!

  3. Too cute! That little bambino in the red kerchief is adorable. Your whole wedding has been so beautiful to see, from start to finish, so very unique and personal. Thank you for sharing your photos, thoughts and feelings with us all!

  4. Love the photo booth! Great pictures of you and your man!!!

  5. This entire process has been so fun to follow along...I hate to see it end! "sigh" Your friends and family made very good use of the Photo Booth!

  6. AWWWW finally THANK YOU!!!! The pictures are great!!!! I definitely think the last one is a framer!! Your journey has been such a fun one!! If only I could have been as creative as you ;)

  7. I have to say this was the best cowgirl wedding ever!!!

  8. That photo booth idea with the props was so cool! Did you end up printing and putting the photos in some kind of album? Great keepsake from your special day!


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