Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Kinda Weekend I Like

God smiled on us here in Southern California this weekend, and kept the predicted 1-2" of rain at bay. At least during the day. Okay, well not completely, I think we got 5 drops Sunday morning, but we handled it.

Both Saturday and Sunday were beautiful, crisp sunny days, with big puffy clouds drifting in and out of the sun's way.

Saturday, I trucked out to the ranch with the pupparoos and bathed Bella with her medicated shampoo while Maria burned a hole in my back with her angry stare. She was very very very upset that Bella was getting attention from me and not her. This horse kills me, I swear. She sees my truck pull up at the ranch, and stands pressed against the pasture gate fixated on me with radar until I catch her. Or more appropriately, open the gate so she can finally come out. There's really no "catching" involved with this horse.

Once Bella was scraped and wrapped up in a cooler, I rode Maria. Yes, I actually rode my horse. I'm paying for it today, but that's okay. I gotta get back in shape somehow.

After playing with the ponies, and wearing the dogs out, I trucked back home and got down and dirty cleaning the house.

Oh yeah, and sorted 8 piles of laundry. Somehow, don't ask me how, I ended up with 4 sets of sheets in the hamper. We only have 2 beds. I said, don't ask me.

On Sunday, Cowboy H was home (yay!) and after a yummy breakfast of homemade waffles, fresh strawberries (yes, they are in season here already, I know you're jealous) and just whipped cream, we headed out to the ranch again with the doggies.

Oh my, it was beautiful out there. So nice, that when the sun wasn't hidden behind the clouds you had to take your sweatshirt off.

Yep, those are our pooches in the bottom right-hand corner.

There wasn't much time to play around today; we had business to take care of. First up, Bella needed a mani-pedi. Now, I haven't directly mentioned it, but Bella just might be on her way to a new home. No, don't think anything bad, we love Bella. She is the most fabulous trail horse, has never even questioned Cowboy H on anything he's asked of her. She'll work cows, and you can rope off her, heck, you can leave her in pasture for 3 months, then drag her out and jump on her bareback. You can't really ask for much more than that. However, if you haven't noticed yet, she's a little on the small side.


And Cowboy H and I, well, we're a little on the giant side.


Plus, Cowboy H has been given another (more appropriately sized) horse from his previous boss, get this, as a wedding gift. Yes, we got a horse as a wedding gift. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is we can't afford board for 3 horses and the newly-gifted horse is a little better fit for Cowboy H. And the other point is Bella needed her feets prettied up for her potential new owners (and our big ride next weekend with The Desert Rose).

Yes, we keep our horses barefoot. One, because we're lazy; two, because we can.

The greatest dog treat ever.

While Cowboy H worked on Bella's feet, I tortured Maria by moving her around the in arena. This is the attitude I get:

That would be my halter, which I was swinging at her, in the corner.

However, as soon as I so much as drop the hand with the halter, I get this:

Mom, this is really stupid, I already know how to play these games. Why do you always make me do this?

Ahhh, she is so fun to play with. Mostly because she takes about 3 strides, and wants to fold in and come to me. When I push her out again, she gets mad, and takes off bucking, for about 1 second, then immediately folds in again. She loves me.


After currying her up, and tying her in the sun to marinate, I checked on Cowboy H and Bella. A blogger I follow (I don't remember who it was so if it was you, please say so!) recently said she would like to get up the nerve to ask her farrier is she can take photos of him working on her horses sometime. One bonus to having your husband as your farrier is you can take all the photos you want.


And, you can get up close and personal.


And, sometimes you get a kiss.


And, you can make him put his chinks back on so you can get really cool pictures.


"Nice job, Dad. Looks great. Now can you hurry up and nip so I can have the trimmings?"


I agree. Nice job, Cowboy H.


The trimmings proved very popular (as always) with the dogs.


Pretty soon the other ranch dogs gathered round.


Bella does not like dogs.


Anyway, once the pampering was over, we gave the horses a bucket of grain each and Cowboy H took a well deserved break. Hank joined him, of course.


With that, our trip to the ranch ended. We ran a few errands then headed home. Once back at the house, Cowboy H changed the oil in my truck and rotated my tires while I dug up the last 3 rose bushes I wanted to get rid of. We ended the day 5 loads of laundry down, sitting on the couch with a fire blazing, watching a movie and eating banana splits.

Just as we were falling asleep, we heard the rain start coming down.

That put the final touches on just the kinda weekend I like.


  1. Sounds like a productive weekend, glad you were spared the rain! It was fun to see more pictures of Maria. She is very pretty! What color is Cowboy H's new horse? Is it one from SMS?
    I hope Bella finds a good home. Sounds like she's been passed around a bit and finally is a good, capable horse thanks to you and Cowboy H.
    Like that "other blogger" I wish I had the guts to take pictures of my farrier, too! :) He doesn't know I blog, actually not many of my friends or co-workers do, but I always worry he'd find it. Not that I would say anything personal or bad about him, LOL!

  2. What a wonderful weekend! The babana splits sound so good!

  3. Bella is cute! Wondering about Bella's feet, though. Is that a trick of the light, or does she have red in her white line? Possible bruising? Also that right front doesn't look level/balanced, or is she just have a clump of mud underneath her hoof?

    I don't think Bella is too small for your hubby at all. My neighbor is a professional roper and travels all over with his horses. They are all under 15hh, and his favorite roping horse is 14.2. Built very stock and strong, much like your Bella. He's a stocky guy, too and he doesn't look to big for his little gelding at all. I think many cowboys prefer the shorter horses....easier to jump on and off. lol!

    But it' all about what a person feels comfortable with. From the photos you posted of your last ride, though, I thought your hubby looked great on Bella.

    But how cool that you were given a horse as a wedding gift. Did you get to pick her/him out so you know she/he's a good horse for you guys?

    Maria is gorgeous! Wow!

    And how yummy! Banana splits?! I've not had one of those in over 30 years! Delish!


  4. <------ Jealous!! What a wonderful weekend!! I don't think there has been a weekend since my kiddo's have been born that I get to do anything non kid related LOL!! And my oldest is 15 1/2!! But you definitely deserve it with all that working you do!!

    I love the look on your Hubby's face after you had him put his chinks back on!!

  5. PG - Yes, the new horse if from SMT, and you just might have heard about him before! Hint, hint, he's black! I feel bad about passing Bella on again, but she deserves an even better home than we are giving her. I'll tell Maria you said that! Actually, maybe not, she doesn't need any ego-boosting.

    Lisa - Good eye. Yes, Bella had a little bit of color left from a previous stone bruise. I had to ask Cowboy H the same thing! I'm not sure what picture you are talking about where she looks unbalance, but in the first photo of just her feet, the right hoof (on the left side of the photo) is untrimmed and the other one is trimmed. In the photos with the dogs under her neck, she is standing on a rock. She did that forever, don't know how it could have been comfortable!

    Yes, we know what horse we're getting. Cowboy H has ridden this horse many times before. We really will miss Bella; she is such a GREAT little horse, but deserves an owner who will give her a busier job and more attention than we are currently giving her.

    Thanks for the compliment on my little mare. Sigh, I love her.


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