Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Homemade Wedding Homestead-Style: Hamming It Up

Hello folks! Despite the forecasts calling for rain all day today, I woke up to bright blue skies, the sun shining and birds chirping! I also woke up with a clear head, thankyouverymuch. There's so much I could get done today! Ah, I love that feeling.

First off, I'm going to run out to the ranch with the dogs and mess around with the horses a bit. They both need baths badly! Then, I might actually clean house and do some laundry. Oh my!

Anyone else have big weekend plans?


In the last of the wedding saga, things were getting started at the barn during cocktail hour. But Cowboy H and I weren't there yet! We had whisked away to some special locations for our couple's portraits.

Jesslyn + Jeff-235a

We started at this mustard yellow barn, which is kind of a landmark in my small hometown. In elementary/jr. high, my school bus used to stop here to pick up kids! And, my great-grandfather actually built this barn! How cool is that?

Jesslyn + Jeff-237

Jesslyn + Jeff-244

Jesslyn + Jeff-245

Jesslyn + Jeff-246

Jesslyn + Jeff-249

Jesslyn + Jeff-250
I've shown you this one before, but its one of my absolute favorites, so its worth sharing again. Eventually, this one's going on the wall!

From the yellow barn, we moved down the road a little ways into the orange groves. In this location, we were actually directly across the road from the reception!

Jesslyn + Jeff-259

Jesslyn + Jeff-264a

Jesslyn + Jeff-265

Jesslyn + Jeff-266

From here, we actually went to the reception location, but snuck around a bit taking pictures before joining the party. All the "props" you see in the following photos are permanent residents of the barn and its surrounding areas!

Jesslyn + Jeff-270

Jesslyn + Jeff-271

Jesslyn + Jeff-277

Jesslyn + Jeff-279

Jesslyn + Jeff-282

By now, we had been spotted and some of our guests gathered round to watch the behind the scenes.

Photo by Katie

Photo by Katie

Jesslyn + Jeff-284

Jesslyn + Jeff-285
Please note that Cowboy H is actually trying to drive the mini John Deere.

And with that, I headed straight for the appetizer table!

Photo by Lauren

Up Next: Photobooth or Bust!

All photography unless otherwise noted is credited to the rockin' Applemoon Photography!


  1. You have some really fun and beautiful pictures!

  2. Those pictures are so neat, capturing your affection for each other! I love the yellow barn. How cool is that, your GG built it?? You will have to tell us more about that in the future! :)
    I'm so glad you woke up without your headache. Isn't that a great feeling? It's like WOW- I have my life back! It's so weird, when I have a really awful migraine, it's almost like a freaky black cloud hanging over my physical, and mental, health.
    I really need to bathe my horse, too! Vet's orders, LOL! He's got some crusty dirt deep in his winter fur that has irritated a spot on the top of his hiney. It's been almost warm enough this week but I need to get a cooler to put on him and dry him out afterward. It chills quickly in the shade here.

  3. Ahhh Photobooth! I can't wait to see how that turned out! Such a great idea!!

    That is so awesome that the barn is still there for this long!! Really great pictures! My absolute favorite would be the 11th one from the bottom!!

  4. So my co mputor has a big old nasty virus and has to be sent to the vet! that will be 2 computors of mine away at the vet!!!! I am using HP's computor and I can post on your blog. I will try the other 3 now and see. For sure was an issue on my end! I lve all of those fav is the one with the 2 of you and the trackers...which I just put my 8x10 glossy in it's frame and it's found it's place on the piano!!!!! Looking so forwad to our ride!!!

  5. What awesome pictures. Your dress is gorgous and you are too! Your man has a great sense of humor (or so it seems! I love your blog:)

  6. Well I love ALL of these, but my fav. is the one that looks like you weren't planning it, but broke out laughing (in front of the car) it looked like you were truly sharing a joke/laugh.
    So glad you are feeling better!


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