Friday, February 19, 2010

Head Spinning and Other Matters

Well, I haven't much been in the mood to blog. I wouldn't say it's Writer's Block, cause goodness knows I've got plenty of potential posts swimming around in my head, and with the new internet at home (yay!) I've been able to upload hundreds of photos. I just really haven't been in the mood to write anything. I'm sure part of this is due to my head being out of sorts.

I mentioned the other day that yes, I suffer from vertigo and supposedly migraines too. I'm not so convinced on the migraines, but the vertigo is hard to miss. I experienced my first episode in fall of 2007, when I tried to sit up out of bed and just fell back over. That time, it was a full blown spinning mess, which left me so nauseous I eventually did have to puke. I have an episode every now and then, usually not full blown, but just an "out of sorts" feeling. My physician seems to think that I get migraines, and the migraine and the vertigo feed of each other. He also seemed totally fine with the fact that I get vertigo. Me, on the other hand, wants to know the cause. Because really, there has got to be a cause. I have been fighting it off all week, and everyday after work have come home and just hid out, because I feel normal when I'm not moving, but once I move at all, my head just spins around. Yesterday, I finally stayed home sick, because I had not even cooked dinner once this week, and was hoping I could sleep it off. By the evening I felt much better, and actually cooked dinner and did the dishes, but today I'm still feeling "off" for lack of a better word.

In the meantime, the dogs keep trying to kill my precious rose bushes, which by the way are doing very well in their new locations. Bella has fungus growing all over her and needs a medicated bath very badly. Maria has decided that the itchies are back (have I ever told you about her allergies?) and needs her oatmeal bath. My floors need to be cleaned before things start growing and more rain is coming tomorrow. Which means nothing will get done.

Well, this turned into a pretty much pointless post, but oh well, I took the effort to write it, so I'll just click "Publish Post" now...


  1. Two things Mama H. I've dealt with some vertigo and migraines. My doctor put me on antihistimines (Sudafed) on a daily basis and that cleared up the vertigo, really! I grab it everytime mine starts up, and use it for a while. Try it it might help? It has something to do with fluid in the inner ear canal that causes the dizziness. This med. dries it up. I hope that helps!
    And, second, What type of fungus does a horse get "on them?"

  2. Actually third...I'm really sorry you are feeling so bad. :-( Hope you are back on your feet soon.

  3. SOrry you aren't feeling good. Take care of yourself. HUGS.

  4. Take it easy and get feeling better. I know that is hard to do when you have stuff to do, but it will all be there waiting for you when you do feel better!

  5. WOW, it is SO frustrating isn't it!! I have had issues all of my life but as a child they were always short lived (couple of days then gone) but back in 2002 I was laying in a tanning bed and like a ton of bricks it just hit me, I wasn't moving at all...End over end! So I had every "ear" test known to man done, I have hearing loss of 50% in both ears (birth defect) so the doc's kept thinking it was that. I have had mulitple MRI's, taken Meclizine, Valium (strange huh? but it did help a little), and mulitple different migraine medications. My issue is I do have migraines but they seem to come after the dizziness starts. The episode that started in 2002 literally lasted for 2 years straight every single day. They have diagnosed me with BPPV which I don't by because the excersizes don't help me. I have not slept on my left side for about 7 years...Anything leaning to the left will trigger it, but also it can be as simple as washing my hair and it comes out of no-where! I'm gonna try what Cousin B said! They have never found fluid in mine but it's worth a try to see if they missed it! I hope you get to feeling better!! Sometimes it last so long for me that I get used to it...Sucks when it's been gone for a bit them BAM comes back out of no-where!

  6. Wow, that is not fun. I suffer from migraines but I don't typically get dizzy with them. Sometimes I get dizzy, but I think it's stress.
    My migraines are such an awful state of mind, I think people think "oh it's just a headache" but it's so much more complicated than that. When I get the bad ones, it's like a black cloud takes me over, and it can last a day or a whole weekend (just love it when they kill my whole weekend!) Most of the time I can nip them in the bud with Excedrin. Can't take most migraine meds because I have low blood pressure then I get really woozy and can't move.
    I hope you can find something that works, but I would keep trying new dr.'s. Have you tried acupuncture or naturopathic methods? Those are really successful for some people.

  7. Hey guys, thank you all for your sincere concern! Today (Saturday) I woke up bright and early, and voila, no more vertigo! Don't know what made it go away, but away it went.
    Cousin B - Does Sudafed make you drowsy like Benadryll? Cuz Benadryll knocks me out! But I do have some Sudafed already, so I will give that a shot next time it flares up.
    Country Girl - What a mess! You poor girl. Mine has never lasted for more than 2 weeks, I can't imagine 2 years! My doctor didn't care to really pursue the cause, he just gave me Meclizine and a migraine RX. But we are switching doctors soon so I hope to find a more proactive one!
    Pony Girl - I haven't tried acupuncture because my insurance wouldn't cover did, but I do have the number for a lady in my area in case I want to try that route despite the insurance. I'm actually very intrigued by it.
    Seriously, everyone, thank you so much!


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