Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Homemade Wedding Homestead-Style: The Barn Party Begins

While games and festivities were to be had outside, inside the barn, the real party was starting.

Photo by Cassie

All the tables had been set with their mason jar centerpieces and horseshoe favors (more on them later!).

Jesslyn + Jeff-138

Our sweetheart table was ready, including the last minute chair signs I made and the champagne glasses gifted by my mother-in-law (love them!).

Photo by Lauren

Jesslyn + Jeff-137

Jesslyn + Jeff-431

Jesslyn + Jeff-291

The bar was open and drinks, including beer in mason jars, were flowing!

Jesslyn + Jeff-46

Jesslyn + Jeff-294

Photo by my cousin, Sarah

Photo by Sarah

Jesslyn + Jeff-424

The cupcakes were out and ready to be eaten!

Jesslyn + Jeff-289

Jesslyn + Jeff-287
Yes, those are the strawberry cupcakes my mom made!

To top it all off, the band, fronted by my uncle, was already rocking out!

May 2009 Pismo and Jesslyn wedding 193
Photo by my Nina (my aunt)
Sadly, this is the ONLY photo of the entire 3-man band together.

Jesslyn + Jeff-378

Jesslyn + Jeff-379

Photo by Sarah

This is my Uncle Frank, one of my mom's brothers. His band is called Downshift and they offered to play at the reception for us. Yes, it was awesome. And they were awesome. Apparently my uncle is a local legend, due to his guitar talent, and actually recorded a few records in the 60's and 70's. One of the bands he was in was 'Tripsichord Music Box' and if you google them, it's quite a trip (literally).

Anyway, the band started playing during cocktail hour which was surreal, and the dance floor was hopping.

Jesslyn + Jeff-306

Jesslyn + Jeff-307

Jesslyn + Jeff-318

Jesslyn + Jeff-319

Even I was getting into the action!

Up Next: Before arriving at the reception, Cowboy H and I get mugged!

Unless otherwise noted, all photography credited to Applemoon Photography!


  1. AwHa! Thanks for the cupcake picture..:-) I love how the barn was decorated...Very nice!

  2. I seriously cannot believe how ingenious you were putting everything together!! You should go into business!! I love all of the pictures! They just speak volumes on how much fun it was! The barn looked great!


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