Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome To My Life, Ed. 3, Vol I

Last night, I left work with a beginning-stage migraine and a little vertigo, so I went straight home and dove under the covers in my dark bedroom.

Cowboy H offered to just order pizza for dinner (thank you, sweetie) and picked out a movie with his grandma to stream from NetFlicks while I was hiding out.

When the pizza arrived, he woke me and I staggered out to the living room to join them, feeling much much better.

"What are you guys watching?" I asked since the movie was paused.

"Oh, 40 Days and 40 Nights", Cowboy H responded.

Don't ask me who picked it; I was not involved. I mean, maybe it was an innocent mistake. All I know is we were sitting there, eating dinner and watching a movie completely and utterly about nothing but SEX, with his grandma.

Talk about AWKWARD.


  1. is that the one where the guys tries to abstain from sex??

  2. Yes. I suppose it was fitting since Lent starts today, but seriously, with grandma??

  3. Oh that is hilarious, LOL!!! I have actually never seen that movie.
    So sorry you had a migraine. I hate them! Usually if I can catch them early and hit the dark comfort of my bedroom, I can fight them off!

  4. OMG how hilarious LOL!!! (the movie of course) So you mentioned having vertigo with your migraine. Is that common for you?! I have been seeing doctor's for years trying to figure out my migraines and dizziness... For me one always accompanies the other, no matter which one starts first!

  5. Fun-EEE! I bet it was more embarrassing for Cowboy!


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