Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Portrait of a Cowboy and His Dog


I snapped this a few weeks ago. I'm pretty sure this one's going on the wall (someday).

And for those of you who haven't witnessed Cowboy H smile and laugh like I have, this one's for you. Notice even Hank is sticking his tongue out at me!


This man loves his dog so much it makes my heart want to burst.

I'm working on so many other photos and posts; I swear I haven't gone anywhere! Enjoy these for now!


  1. Oh I love that picture! :) Hank is so stinkin' cute!! He should be a doggie model. You must have been holding a big drippin' steak to get that look in the first photo!
    (P.S. You can tell your Cowboy H he could be a model too....just in case he gets his feelings hurt, LOL!)

  2. I think Hank and Cowboy H look alike!!! Great pictures.

  3. Love it! That Hank looks like he has so much personality! He looks like he adores Cowboy H too!

  4. Those are awesome pictures!! I love them both, but the second one, gotta love the smile, from both dog and man!!

  5. Gorgeous!! Love that first picture, of course love the Hubby smiling too!!! Definitely a framer!! Hank is so cute!!

  6. ok, Im feeling outnumbered here in the "cowgirl world" all your commenters have 'somehow horse related names'.
    I like the black and white, it is very sharp and crisp. Good shot, but the second one has your cowboy smiling. I think THAT is the one that should go up on the wall


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