Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Text Message I Sent Cowboy H

Let me give you a little back-story first. As y'all probably know by now Hank loves Cowboy H. I mean loves him. When I let the dogs back in the house after their morning potty-break, if Cowboy H is not awake and walking around, Hank runs around the bed, looking to see if he's still there. Then, if he sees or hears him still in bed, he runs around the bed even more, trying his hardest with his three little good legs to get in bed with Cowboy H.

This morning, Cowboy H left early this morning right after putting the dogs out. When I let them in later in the morning, I had pulled the covers up on the bed, so it really looked like someone was still in bed. Hank came running in and started jumping up on the bed, crying and well, looking for his dad. It killed me!

So I sent Cowboy H this text message:

Hank misses his dad
"Dad please come home. i miss you. i looked for you in bed and you weren't there"

Ahahaha, I crack myself up. Seriously, who does this crap?

Please, if you are guilty of sending text messages on behalf of your pet, 'fess up. We may need to seek help together.


  1. Cute post..... I know I've shared what some would think were silly animal-human stories (not on text tho) - because our animals to us are almost human! Cute picture too!

  2. LOL!!! You crack me up too!! I don't think I've ever used the pets but I'm sure I've used something!

  3. Ive never sent a text on behalf of an animal..... BUTT (In honor of Kick butt day) Ive texted on behalf of "parts" hehehehehe (insert naughty giggle)

  4. Guilty! Only mine are not so cute... they run more like "Daddy, will you please come home, mommy doesnt like the mutilated mouse I left her. Love Halle" Or something along the lines of dead vermin, vomit and heaven-knows-what! lol

    SUCH a cute photo, he has the same look as my blue Hawkydog.

  5. Cute story!
    Well I've gotten them from my horse, LOL! My sis's OH has sent them to me. And I've sent a few to my sis at work of her ponies, I know it'll cheer up her day. :)

  6. LOL! That cracks me up! I think it is adorable.....I may have to start doing this. Of course Hunk will take an hour or two to figure out how to open a text! He can install a communications tower but I'm having to teach him how to turn on a laptop!

  7. text messages? we've been guilty of sending happy birthday photo cards and get-well-soon photo cards on behalf of our mutts!

  8. applemoon - I do that too! Cowboy H has gotten a Father's Day card from (and signed by) Hank before! And actually my mom gave me the idea, she used to sent me Mother's Day cards from my cats!!!

  9. never a text...I don't know how...but yes everything else! Jesse and Dad have bought me gifts...jesse has his own credit goes on and on! That Hank sure is a cutie!

  10. I've never texted before. Heck I don't even know how to use my cell phone. lol!
    But if I knew how, I might text my hubby on behalf of his dog.
    You're funny. And Hank is adorable!



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