Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MIA No More

HOLY MOLY! How long have I been MIA? Long enough for a few of you to actually worry about me! (BTW, thanks, that makes me feel so special and loved!)

Right now, I'm sitting in the treatment area of my vet clinic, having FINALLY logged onto my computer (and the internet) for the first time in over a week. Yes, over a week! I had 150 new messages in my email box. That, I swear, is not an exaggeration.

(Of course, I'm on my lunch break. No time for internet during work hours here!)

Phewy, things have been busy. First of all, I started my "new" full-time job last Monday. Secondly, we completed the yard project. Third, I have been hitting the gym four or five times a week instead of the usual three. Fourth, I'm still in my photography class, which takes up my Tuesday and Thursday nights. Lastly, I caught a major case of Spring Fever (its going around you know, have you caught it yet?) and was spending every free minute (yes, there are a few!) cleaning out closets and drawers, washing all the bedding and blankets and scrubbing showers and tubs. It just might be an understatement to say we're a little busy at The Homestead.

But, we're still alive!

My appearance in blog-land will most likely continue to be sporadic for the next week or so; I'm still trying to find a new weekly routine. But I assure you I'm still here. Obviously, I've got a lot to share!

Oh yeah, those of you who tagged me regarding some photos, can you please send me an email with the details? Yes! I want to participate, but I've been out of the loop for so long now I missed your original posts that you tagged me in! And, I'm so flattered to have been tagged. Thanks!


  1. Sometimes blogging has to go on the back burner when we get busy!!
    So glad you are back!! We missed ya!

  2. WELL LORDY HAVE MERCY girl!!! You sure did have me worried! I was gonna dial 911 but I wasn't sure if that was the right number....;)

    Glad to hear all is OK and I'm glad things are going well! I will email you with the details!

  3. Can't wait to hear and see pictures of what you've been up to!!

  4. Guess I was lucky to have caught you at the ranch that day huh? Sorry we didn't meet up to ride, but it was nice meeting you and hubby! Mayby next time...:-)


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