Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tag, I'm It!

Okay, so about three weeks ago now, I was "tagged" by both 'City Girl Turned Country Girl' at A&MD Ranch and 'Growing up a Country Girl' at Livin' It Up Country. The deal is this:

Post your tenth photo that you downloaded into photo folder or picaso and blog about it. Then tag 5 others to do the same.

Well, since I don't use picaso, and I have oh, about 50 photo folders, I had to improvise a little bit. So, I selected the very first photo folder on my desktop and picked the 10th photo out of it. Here ya go:


My handsome cowboy and his equally handsome new horse. This is the first trail ride Cowboy H took Crow out on since having him at our boarding ranch. You may remember that Cowboy H had ridden Crow several times elsewhere before we actually owned him. The evening was just beautiful. The blue of the sky and green of the grass were amazingly vibrant. The photo is completely untouched; the colors really were that bright. It ended up being a pretty nice "first" ride.

And so, I have to tag a few of you now, most of you whom have probably already been tagged by others I'm sure. I pick:

Choleesa at Choleesa's World
The Desert Rose at JessesDesertRose
Stephanie at Momma's Soapbox
Cousin B at She Who Rides Many Ponies

I'm only tagging four, because I really want to tag Pony Girl, who apparently QUIT this blogging thing. So, in mourning, I'm leaving an empty spot for her and Pony Girl Rides Again.

P.S. Maria decidedly approves of Crow, if judged by her, ahem, forward behavior towards him on our ride. Seriously, she was rubbing herself all over the poor guy. Yes, I have a hussy of a horse.

P.P.S. Sorry for not linking to all the blogs I mentioned, but its midnight, I have to get up at 6 am and I think you all know who each other is. If not, all the blogs can be found on my side bar.


  1. Awww, you tagged me in spirit! So sweet!
    Just so you know, I am not a quitter! :) I'm just on hiatus. I truly hope to chronicle another journey in the future....just not sure which direction I want to go, and, I need my life to slow down a bit or have some new material to blog about before I start up. I'll still be around....you know where to find me!

  2. Hmmm, I also have so many photo files that I will just have to pick one!!! Loved your photo, thanks for tagging me!

  3. Thanks for participating Mama H --- this picture was good and like you said the color was wonderful! I did the same thing just pick a file and go with it....

  4. I agree, thanks for playing along!!! That pic is awesome SOOC!! I'm glad you have gotten back to blog a bit! Hope you get some sleep soon!!

  5. Well, I just realized I've been tagged! I'll get right on this! But, I don't use Photo folder or picasso either, I'll get my tenth picture I posted on blogs. Tune in!
    And I too love this picture you used! Very nice. so thats Crow?


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