Monday, December 14, 2009


Remember these suckers I talked about so long ago?

Its okay, I barely remember them too.

But don't worry, I was looking out for you and took some pictures!

Check 'em out:








I gave these to all the girls that helped out with the wedding, including my mom. I purchased sterling silver pre-stamped charms and chain from two different Etsy vendors. I got the crystal beads and clamps at at bead store only minutes from my house. I picked a different color bead for each girl, to match her personality/style.



They came out much more delicate then I originally wanted, but in the end, I loved them! I've gotten great feedback too, which is wonderful.


Once I got going, it only took me about 20 minutes per bracelet. I had never done anything like this before, so it was a crapshoot at the beginning, but I was determined. I would like to eventually stamp my own tags (if I continue doing something like this) but didn't have time to this go-round.

Have any of you tried a new "skill" lately? How was your success rating?


  1. They turned out really beautiful. I used to love making things, but have not done it for years. I want to spend all my free time at the barn with Dusty.

  2. I think they look great! I haven't done any new projects recently, but want to do some after Christmas, I'll let you know how my rating system goes!

  3. They turned out really nice...handmade gifts are so special! Is the chain gold? What kind of metal? I made bracelets for my Twilight trip cousins, with chain from Michael's crafts, wolf charms from Etsy, and crystal heart charms from Michael's. I would have liked to use nicer chain, but I made 5 bracelets and was trying to be thrifty since it was more for fun rather than a lifelong bracelet (although I've ended up wearing mine a lot, lol!) I am currently making some holiday gifts and will post about them on my blog after I give them, since they are for family members. I actually was quite crafty over the summer, but since school has started back up, I've spent less time with it.

  4. I love them!! They turned out really good.
    I am not a very crafty person, I didn't get the creative gene in the family, that would be my sister!

  5. My talents lie else where! LOL I actually write music when I am in a creative mood...!
    Luv what you made!

  6. Pony Girl - All the metal is sterling silver. Looking now, I realize the lighting gave them a goldish tint! My sister-in-law is getting one for Christmas too.


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