Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Homemade Wedding Homestead-Style: The Ceremony Aftermath

I could hear the chuckles as we left the church to the sounds of "Forever and Ever, Amen". People couldn't believe we were playing that song for our church wedding. But it fit us perfect, and had the vibe that I wanted. I could barely contain myself from skipping and jumping down the aisle.

Behind us, the rest of the group trickled out, smiling and breathing sighs of relief I'm sure.

Jesslyn + Jeff-218
A cool thing about this photo: Just to the left of Jenna's face are her mom and dad.

Jesslyn + Jeff-221

An impromptu receiving line was formed just outside the church doors, and I proceeded to display my finest faces.

Jesslyn + Jeff-222

Jesslyn + Jeff-223

Jesslyn + Jeff-225

Jesslyn + Jeff-228

If nothing else, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Its written all over my face.

I'm pretty sure we hugged and spoke with every one of our guests (at least the ones who went to the ceremony, ahem). There was so much joy and love and happiness going around.

I made sure to snag one photo with my three ushers before Cowboy H and I whisked off for our own private photo shoot.

Jesslyn + Jeff-233

In the meantime, the guests slowly made their way to the reception site (a pretty rough 3 minutes down the road) and got ready to party.

Up Next: The Down-Home Barn Party Begins

Of course, I can't forget Applemoon Photography. Thank you for the beautiful pictures!


  1. Thanks for stopping by. I am going to enjoy following your blog, what a great life

  2. I love that you exited to that song!!! That is awesome LOL!! The pictures truly do tell a story, they are so great!!


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