Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome To My Life, Ed. 2, Vol III

At 2 am this morning, the smoke alarm went off.




Then, silence.

Cowboy H: What the?!?!

Mama H: (mumbling) It's the smoke alarm.

Cowboy H: But why did it go off? Has it done that before?

Mama H: (mumbles something)

Cowboy H gets out of bed to investigate. Mama H's eyes roll back in her head and all she can think is Do NOT make me get out of bed.

Cowboy H returns from investigating and gets back in bed.

Mama H: (mumbling) What was it?

Cowboy H: I don't know. That's weird that it just went off for no reason. Maybe its a ghost.

Mama H: (a little more coherently) Maybe the fire got so hot it set it off. Maybe it has a temperature sensor.

Cowboy H: No, that wouldn't be it.

Both roll back over and start to fall back asleep.

Cowboy H: (mumbling now) You set it off. You're so smoking hot you set off the smoke alarm.

Mama H: (smiles and snuggles in)

Good golly, I love my man.


  1. How sweet! My husband would make me get up and investigate. You are very lucky!

  2. TCavanaugh - Why thank you! As mushy as it is, I agree with you. I am very very lucky to have him!

  3. That is cute! That is funny though, that instead of wondering if it was potentially a fire and investigating that lead, he asked if it's ever done that? :) Although come to think of it, I was staying in a friend's big house watching his cats while he was in Peru (and he was unreachable) and one of his detectors did that to me. It went off twice in like a two hour span, then it never did it again the 12 days I stayed there. I have to tell you, I couldn't even find which one it was, his house is 3-story all hardwood and echoes a lot. I had no idea why in the world it went off! I don't think I slept well that night, wondering if it would do that again. I had a few windows open and I wondered if maybe it sensed smoke from an outside source?

  4. Pony Girl - Cowboy H investigates EVERYTHING. Usually I just lay in bed and call it out "A cat is opening a cupboard. A cat knocked something off the table. Hank is chasing a cat. A cat is locked in the closet..." Most often the noises in our house are pet related, but we still don't know what the deal was with the smoke alarm. We had a wood-burning fire going, but it had a screen and was dying out by then anyway. One of those mysteries!

  5. I might have an alarm go off tonight at my house in the PNW...she's 8 months old and though she has slept through the night since she was 3 months could be my night to get out of bed!
    We have beeps from our alarm from time to time and then it goes away for 6 months. Sometimes though a few days later something does go wrong and they have to come out and repair it.

  6. Oh not a fun way to be woke up!! Good thing Cowboy H is such a great investigator LOL!! I'm absolutely lovin his compliment!! Definitely a man in love!!

  7. Sometimes they can go off like that when the batteries need changed. He's pretty fast on his "feet" to think that one up while half asleep!


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