Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend Getaway: Winter Wonderland


A couple weekends ago, Cowboy H and I made a trip to our favorite little mountain town for the day. We make a point of visiting this place every winter. Sometimes, we have stayed the weekend, or a night, other times we've trekked up for the day. We always schedule the trip for whenever we can, not really paying attention to the weather.

Well, except for the one time I decided on a Sunday night after watching the weather report that I was calling in sick the next day so we could go to the snow. Calling in sick was probably not the best choice. We almost couldn't get back down the mountain since so much snow dropped that day. I should have just said we went to the mountains for the weekend and got snowed in! That would have been much more appropriate.

Anyways, that was not the case this trip. We were fortunate that after a solid week of rain (and snow in the mountains), Saturday dawned bright and clear. And the road all the way into town was clear as well.


We rolled into town pretty early, and were almost the only ones there. Hardly any of the shops had opened yet so we got coffee and started to walk the The Loop.

Let me tell you about The Loop. The Loop is beautiful. It meanders up away from the center of town, passes some lodges, inns and cabins, works its way through some privately owned homes, crosses a creek a few times and slowly winds back into the town center.

Cowboy H loves The Loop. Mama H loves The Loop too, until about 1/3 of the way into it, when she remembers how long The Loop is. Then things get ugly.

A recap:



Mama H: Look at all the snow! Oh, its so beautiful! (Click click with the camera)

(Sidenote: I find it oddly humorous that The Rustic Theater is playing Avatar, the most technically involved movie ever. Moving on.)





Mama H: Oh the icicles! Look at the icicles! Here, love, hold my coffee for me so I can get a good picture. I love you.


Mama H: Ah, look how much snow is on this old truck!


Mama H: And look at that van! Its completely covered! (Click click)


Mama H: Oh dang! Their deck caved. That sucks!


Mama H: There is so much snow! I can't believe how beautiful it is!

Mama H slips, and almost falls on her ass.


Mama H: Ugh! I can't get the framing I want cause there's this stupid sign in my way. And I can't get the positioning I want cause of all the snow.

She glares at Cowboy H.


Cowboy H: Come on, Sweetie. We've still got a ways to go.

Mama H slips and actually does fall on her ass. She curses under her breath to Cowboy H. Cowboy H chuckles under his breath at her. Mama H glares at him, then slides around on the road trying to stand up.


Mama H: No, you have to hold onto me. I'm going to fall again. No, just hold my arm. Steady me. Seriously, I'm trying to take a picture.


Mama H: What the?! Ugh, the snow is melting off the trees and getting my camera all wet. I forgot how much I hate the snow. Seriously, I hate this.

Mama H turns too fast and falls again.


Mama H: Hey Sweetie, what kind of tracks are those?

Cowboy H: (Leans over to look them) Rabbit.

Mama H leans over to get a closer picture and almost falls again. This time Cowboy H catches her.

They walk along in silence for a while. Mama H will not lift her feet off the ground, but instead shuffles them. Cowboy H is sliding down the road like he is on skis. Mama H doesn't dare take a picture for fear of falling again. The glare is now permanent.

Cowboy H slides back to her.

Cowboy H: What's wrong sweetie?

Mama H: I hate the snow. I hate wearing layers. My jeans are too tight to fit over my thermals, and my thermals are pulling my pants down, and every time I try to pull my pants back up I fall. And the waist of my thermals comes up to my boobs and my vest is too short. And I think that my Uggs have a leak. Look, look at them, that waterproof stuff didn't work. How much farther? Are we even close yet?

Cowboy H tries not to laugh and takes Mama H's arm. Mama H almost falls again.

Ok. Ok. I wasn't really that bad, but I did get pretty grouchy about halfway into the walk. I'm really really bad in the snow. I don't know how to walk in it since I didn't grow up in it, plus I get distracted with taking photos so I fall a lot. And then I feel like an idiot so I get all cranky. And then I embarrass Cowboy H by acting like a big baby. But, as long as I get some good pictures and some good hot food, all will be right again.

We, I mean I, finally stumbled back into town, but not before Cowboy H partook in his charitable act of the day. An older lady was trying to dig her car out of a snowbank so she could go to work and Cowboy H offered to help. He told me I could keep going and he would catch up, but I didn't dare walk without him. So I took some pictures.




As much as I hated him right about then, I love that man. He makes my heart swell up with pride.

We finished up our day with lunch at one of our favorite restaurants anywhere, Cafe Aroma.


Seriously, if you're ever in the area, you have to eat there. Sometimes we consider driving to Idyllwild just to eat here. But you have to watch out, Big Foot's been sighted around these parts.


Ok, ok, this post has turned into a novel. I'll leave you alone now, with a few extra shots from the day. Its funny, but photography has made me appreciate the elements more. I would actually get up early for a great sunrise now, not just a horse show. I'll take moody, cloudy skies over blue ones now since they make for more expressive pictures. And I'll even suffer frostbite for some snowy photos.





I almost forgot, we passed this idiot on our way back down. Don't think he'll be enjoying the fresh snow anytime soon.


Or maybe he was enjoying it too much.


  1. What a beautiful picture! Hope you had a great time.

  2. ok, so the pictures are lovely, but I want to comment on Cowboy H. What a freakin gentlemen!!!
    You got yourself a good one there.

  3. Oh my you're funny. Beautiful pics....hey thanks for riding by my blog. Nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks people are way TOO fickle with their horses! I'll be back to visit your blog!

  4. It looked like a beautiful trip! At least you got to see some snow. I have only seen some falling from the car while driving to my cousins wedding reception. I haven't actually gotten to be in any! And I'm running out of time. It's my first winter with the Nikon and NO SNOW. I'm very sad. I love taking pictures of the snow! I guess I could find someone with 4WD to take me on a trip to the mountains....

  5. What gorgeous pictures! In my estimation it was worth you falling to get them, hee hee! What a sweet Cowboy you have to help out damsels in distress! It looks like you had a beautiful trip, thanks for sharing.


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