Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weekend Getaway: A Desert Ride

Let me preface by saying that this particular ride has been in progress for over a year and a half! While Cowboy H and the Desert Rose have ridden many many trails together over the years, I had only gone on maybe two very short rides with DR. In November of 2008, we had scheduled a ride in the desert with DR and the two girls who work at our ranch. That was canceled when we had to evacuate our ranch because of a major wild fire. Cue a few months later, when we had the horses tacked and loaded up, and they closed the Indian Canyons due to excessive wind! About a month after that, the girls from the ranch and I hauled our horses out to the desert to ride with DR, but her daughter went into labor early! In short, this ride was way overdue.

After 3 days of rain in the desert, the horses were a little fresh, so the camera didn't come out until we had already climbed a bit.


Cowboy H and I had been in that snow just the day before!

On this particular ride, we hauled into the Indian Canyons, and started out on the Fern Canyon Trail. That sandy piece between the two hills is what we had taken to get where we were.



There she is, the infamous Desert Rose. We made her stay in the back. We weren't taking any chances this day.


You can really see the trail we had just ridden up in the above picture, and below is the trail we will be continuing to take up.


Of course, an early refreshment break was in order and the lemonade was busted out.


Yes, that's how I roll, camera in one hand, reins (maybe) and beverage in the other. What?


The Desert Rose and Cowboy H know how to roll too. Drinking and riding is the only way to go.



And now, I would like to take a moment to honor all the cowboy horses of the world. As evidenced by Redley's face here, its a cruel, cruel world.


Man, it ain't easy being an outlaw.

After a pretty good climb, the trail flattened out and we were back in a little wash, this one full of palm trees.


Hence the name Fern Canyon.


We did come across a down tree, which Cowboy H's and my long-legged horses were able to step over. Little Lady had to think about it for a bit, but ended up pretty much stepping over too.

Sorry that's so blown out. Remember, drink, horse, camera??

Before too long, we were back out in an open wash. Here, we let DR almost be in front.


It was neck and neck for a little while.


But alas, the Desert Rose was not to be trail boss this day, especially after I noticed this:


Yes, at one of our pit stops, DR had managed to get both her reins on one side of LL's neck.


Good thing we were there to save the day! Haha, actually, good thing Little Lady knows what this trail riding thing is all about.


Its alright, DR, I won't tell anyone. And I won't hold it against you. And maybe, just maybe, I'll let you be trail boss again.

Pretty soon, we were ready to go back down!


My mount, Sarge, is not so convinced.


He wants to think about it for a little bit. That's okay buddy. We'll wait.

In fact, we'll take one more beverage break with ya.


But, we came up, so we must go down.

Okay, the following pictures were most definitely the most difficult ones to take on this ride. I really wanted to capture exactly how steep the trail we were riding was, and I'm just grateful my horse stayed on trail.








Yes, Sarge, we're almost to the bottom. And a big ole watering hole awaits you!


Here we are in Palm Canyon, which we had taken the Vandeventer Trail from the Fern Canyon Trail to get to (if anyone cares).

There was a lot of water for it being the desert.


After drinking up, us humans needed a pit stop ourselves. And Sarge needed his professional portraits taken.


It was something we had worked out before hand. He agreed to keep me on trail and in the saddle, and offered to start his portfolio for him.


I'm so glad we were both able to hold up our ends of the deal.


Over at the other hitching rail, LL and DR were playing games.


Do you spy a Desert Rose?


At this point, we were just a short ride from the staging area, where the trailers were waiting for us. But first we had to get across this:


Oh how would we ever make it??


Hee hee. The fun way of course!






Thank goodness no one drowned!


I'd say, this ride was well worth the wait!


  1. I would LOVE to go on your next drink.....I mean ride.....

  2. hahaha, me on a horse, for the second time in like.............ever?? Now that would make for some awesome pictures.....**covers mouth with hand to stifle giggle at mere thought**

  3. So did you run in the river, too? That looked like fun! Your hubby looked so nervous. He was holding tight onto those reins. And I noticed that he also looked very concerned on those steep narrow trails, too. He wa gripping tight onto his liquid courage! haha!
    But look at you, off on your own, far ahead of everyone else just to take photos. I'm impressed!

    But I am surprised noone put rear cinches on yours and hubby's horses. That one photo where its so wicked steep, your hubby's saddle looks like it could almost flip straight up! yikes! Those were some steep narrow trails. I don't even think I'd hike up and down them.
    Good horses for getting you up and back down safely, for sure!

    And I totally love that photo of the DR galloping in the river, hair flying, face grinning from ear to ear. She's such a true adventurous cowgirl spirit!

    What a great ride! When is the next one?


  4. Lisa - No, I really didn't run myself, just a little bit after those two were done so my horse could catch up. My hubby didn't expect to have a horse race in the water, but DR got a little carried away and spurred LL on! Cowboy H's horse probably would have run all the way down the creek if he hadn't kept him in check from the get go. And he's not nervous on horseback at all, he's just a very serious guy. In fact, he's ridden stuff like that without a trail! Good eye concerning the back cinches. The next ride is scheduled for the end of this month, in our neck of the woods!

  5. Choleesa - We'll have to schedule this. Don't worry, the camera is standard.

  6. Oh, that looks like one FUN ride! Love the one of DR reins on one side...LOLO Funny picture! Lady was just about to tell her I'm sure...Can't wait until we can schedule a ride with you guys.

  7. What a fun day! The sky is so brilliant blue. I wish I could come to PS and ride! Maybe in April....if I win the lotto! ;)
    Love the water race. Is it in a wash? I've never seen water in a wash there! Has it been a rainy winter?
    Sarge is a handsome boy, I think he'll get some go-sees from those portfolio shoot!


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