Friday, March 19, 2010

And We Said Goodbye


Its been two weeks since we said goodbye to Bella, and well, I kinda miss her.


I'll be honest with y'all, I never really bonded with her, but by the time she left us I had really come to appreciate what a nice little horse she was.


She became probably one of the best trail horses I've ever come across. Nothing, and I mean nothing fazed her. You could always depend on her to cross the water, or the bridge, or the ravine, or the whatever when no other horse wanted to.


Saying goodbye to her was bittersweet, to say the least. I know without a doubt, without the slightest bit of doubt, that she has an even better home than Cowboy H and I were giving her.


But still, I can't say that there weren't a few choked up throats when we loaded her into the trailer.


I mean, its not like we were crying or anything. Geez, cum'on guys.


I swear! I didn't shed a single tear.


Okay, okay. I may have sniffled a little bit.


Especially when Cowboy H gave his final goodbye.



  1. I can't lie -- I'm sniffling and sniffling... brings back every memory of every horse sold - and the meaning each one had... Thanks for the memories! Great post! (sniff sniff)

  2. Ya...I thought Corky was gonna have a fit if he saw tears in Cowboy H's eyes! LOL I know it was hard for him to say good by she had been such good girl to him!

  3. Aww MAN now I'm all teary!!! That is the exact reason I didn't watch any of mine leave! Looking back I wished I had but at the time I couldn't bring myself to have them look at me like that pic of Bella in the trailer! Cowboy H reminds me SOOO much of my Hubby!


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