Friday, March 19, 2010

Feel The Love

Last night Cowboy H asked me to email him two photos.

One of him and Crow.

The other of him and Hank.

I obliged and asked if he needed full res images or if I could send him smaller, email-friendly versions.

He responded, "Um, I don't know. I want to use them as the background for my desktop, so whatever you think."

At first, my heart melted. Awww, how sweet, he wants photos of his horse and his dog at work, I thought.

Then, something clicked inside my head.

"HEY! You want photos of your dog and your horse, but what about YOUR WIFE!?!?"

And the punk that he is, just smirked and laughed at me.

Talk about feeling the love.


  1. I hear that one, the hubby has a picture of himself with a large catch in his glove compartment, none of me or the kids, wait!! Im wrong, he has pictures of the kids on his nowhere to be found, perhaps I should go buck neked under them chaps, and see if he'll carry that picture around.

  2. Do you think you need to send him back to me for some training??? We could start back at the basics...I'll whip him into shape ASAP!

  3. Funeee! You should have added a wedding photo to the email and told him you expect them to be rotated out accordingly!

  4. BAHAHA LOL!!! I was thinking the same thing "oh how sweet" then you pointed that out!! Ornery man!!


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