Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Is Here!


At least that's what the cats are saying!

The birds have been chirping up a storm outside. Before the sun is even fully risen from its slumber, the choir is belting in full force outside. The cats are just loving it. And someone finally did something about it.

My little Indy-Monster (pictured above) caught his very first bird this morning. At least, I think it's his first. It's the first bird I've ever seen him with. I really don't like them catching birds, but seeing as how the neighborhood has pretty much been eradicated of its rodent population already, birds are really the only option. And as sick as it may be, my heart swells up with pride when I see my babies catch something. I want to go run and tell Cowboy H, "Indy caught a bird!" but he is sleeping.

Instead, I let the dogs out and Hank promptly steals the catch of the day from Indy.

It was a glorious triumph for but a fleeting moment.


  1. Our cats, Tigger and Zoey, are successful mice hunters and yes do catch a bird occasionally. Tigger once (that we know of) caught a rabbit and promptly did away with any evidence except the fluffy rabbit fur everywhere! Yes spring is here too but we brace for any snowstorm or icestorm that may come up! Have a great spring day!

  2. He's a pretty boy! I love chirping birds...but not half an hour before my alarm goes off, thank you very much! I mean, what's to sing about that early in the morning??

  3. Indy looks almost exactly like my Domino, who unfortunately disappeared 6 months ago!!
    We have another cat that is pretty much an outdoor cat and she is the "killer". We love to feed the birds, but I always feel bad too, because the feeders attract the birds, then Morgan sneaks up on them and kills them. So sad....

  4. Oh he sure is pretty!! Love his eyes! Some birds are pretty, others are yucky so as long as he gets the yucky ones LOL!!


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